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                    165-11 - 

                    connector, metal circ, sq flange recept, bayonet mating, 12#20 solder pin contact

                    Amphenol Industrial 165-11
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                    Aluminum Shell Material, Nickel Plated Contact, Miniaturized Standard Connector

                    UL Approved recognition file E115497. Shell components are fabricated from high grade aluminum with gray anodized finish. Contacts are copper alloy — gold over nickel plate. Inserts are diallyl phthalate. Connectors are factory sealed to prevent leakage. O-ring seals in both plugs and receptacles make connectors pressure proof and water protected when mated. The cable receptacles and cable plugs are for jacketed cable. Solder termination to contacts quick positive bayonet coupling. Note: Plugs mate with receptacles. If the selected plug has male (pin) contacts, the receptacle must have female (socket) contacts for the connectors to mate.
                    Shell components are fabricated from high grade aluminum with gray anodize finish. Inserts are diallyl phthalate, providing high arc and insulation resistance under both humidity and thermal stress conditions. Connectors using female inserts feature a sandwich construction with the insert spun into a cartridge. Connectors are factory sealed to prevent leakage. Connectors are ideal for applications that demand a lightweight connector that meets MIL-C-5015 requirements.


                      Agency Approvals  UL Recognized  
                      Angle  Straight  
                      Application  Commercial  
                      Brand/Series  165 Series  
                      Class  C  
                      Contact Configuration  12#20  
                      Contact Plating  Gold over Nickel  
                      Contact Type  Pin  
                      Current Rating  7.5 A  
                      Diameter, Mounting Hole  0.125 "  
                      Finish, Housing  Gray Anodize  
                      Gender  Panel Socket  
                      Housing Type  Metal  
                      Material, Dielectric  Diallyl-Phthalate  
                      Material, Housing  Aluminum  
                      Mating Type  Bayonet  
                      Mounting Type  Flange  
                      Number of Contacts  12  
                      Primary Type  MIL/Aero  
                      Special Features  Pressurized  
                      Termination  Solder  
                      Type  5015 Commercial  
                      Voltage Rating  500 V  
                      Wire Size  20  


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                    Agency Approvals UL Recognized  Amphenol Industrial Agency Approvals UL Recognized  Circular Connectors Agency Approvals UL Recognized  Amphenol Industrial Circular Connectors Agency Approvals UL Recognized   Angle Straight  Amphenol Industrial Angle Straight  Circular Connectors Angle Straight  Amphenol Industrial Circular Connectors Angle Straight   Application Commercial  Amphenol Industrial Application Commercial  Circular Connectors Application Commercial  Amphenol Industrial Circular Connectors Application Commercial   Brand/Series 165 Series  Amphenol Industrial Brand/Series 165 Series  Circular Connectors Brand/Series 165 Series  Amphenol Industrial Circular Connectors Brand/Series 165 Series   Class C  Amphenol Industrial Class C  Circular Connectors Class C  Amphenol Industrial Circular Connectors Class C   Contact Configuration 12#20  Amphenol Industrial Contact Configuration 12#20  Circular Connectors Contact Configuration 12#20  Amphenol Industrial Circular Connectors Contact Configuration 12#20   Contact Plating Gold over Nickel  Amphenol Industrial Contact Plating Gold over Nickel  Circular Connectors Contact Plating Gold over Nickel  Amphenol Industrial Circular Connectors Contact Plating Gold over Nickel   Contact Type Pin  Amphenol Industrial Contact Type Pin  Circular Connectors Contact Type Pin  Amphenol Industrial Circular Connectors Contact Type Pin   Current Rating 7.5 A  Amphenol Industrial Current Rating 7.5 A  Circular Connectors Current Rating 7.5 A  Amphenol Industrial Circular Connectors Current Rating 7.5 A   Diameter, Mounting Hole 0.125 "  Amphenol Industrial Diameter, Mounting Hole 0.125 "  Circular Connectors Diameter, Mounting Hole 0.125 "  Amphenol Industrial Circular Connectors Diameter, Mounting Hole 0.125 "   Finish, Housing Gray Anodize  Amphenol Industrial Finish, Housing Gray Anodize  Circular Connectors Finish, Housing Gray Anodize  Amphenol Industrial Circular Connectors Finish, Housing Gray Anodize   Gender Panel Socket  Amphenol Industrial Gender Panel Socket  Circular Connectors Gender Panel Socket  Amphenol Industrial Circular Connectors Gender Panel Socket   Housing Type Metal  Amphenol Industrial Housing Type Metal  Circular Connectors Housing Type Metal  Amphenol Industrial Circular Connectors Housing Type Metal   Material, Dielectric Diallyl-Phthalate  Amphenol Industrial Material, Dielectric Diallyl-Phthalate  Circular Connectors Material, Dielectric Diallyl-Phthalate  Amphenol Industrial Circular Connectors Material, Dielectric Diallyl-Phthalate   Material, Housing Aluminum  Amphenol Industrial Material, Housing Aluminum  Circular Connectors Material, Housing Aluminum  Amphenol Industrial Circular Connectors Material, Housing Aluminum   Mating Type Bayonet  Amphenol Industrial Mating Type Bayonet  Circular Connectors Mating Type Bayonet  Amphenol Industrial Circular Connectors Mating Type Bayonet   Mounting Type Flange  Amphenol Industrial Mounting Type Flange  Circular Connectors Mounting Type Flange  Amphenol Industrial Circular Connectors Mounting Type Flange   Number of Contacts 12  Amphenol Industrial Number of Contacts 12  Circular Connectors Number of Contacts 12  Amphenol Industrial Circular Connectors Number of Contacts 12   Primary Type MIL/Aero  Amphenol Industrial Primary Type MIL/Aero  Circular Connectors Primary Type MIL/Aero  Amphenol Industrial Circular Connectors Primary Type MIL/Aero   Special Features Pressurized  Amphenol Industrial Special Features Pressurized  Circular Connectors Special Features Pressurized  Amphenol Industrial Circular Connectors Special Features Pressurized   Termination Solder  Amphenol Industrial Termination Solder  Circular Connectors Termination Solder  Amphenol Industrial Circular Connectors Termination Solder   Type 5015 Commercial  Amphenol Industrial Type 5015 Commercial  Circular Connectors Type 5015 Commercial  Amphenol Industrial Circular Connectors Type 5015 Commercial   Voltage Rating 500 V  Amphenol Industrial Voltage Rating 500 V  Circular Connectors Voltage Rating 500 V  Amphenol Industrial Circular Connectors Voltage Rating 500 V   Wire Size 20  Amphenol Industrial Wire Size 20  Circular Connectors Wire Size 20  Amphenol Industrial Circular Connectors Wire Size 20  


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